Need Help with Keyword Research
for Low Hanging System?

I’ve Got A Program for That!

You’re already in the Low Hanging System program and you know what it can do for you. You know that having the right keywords in your product titles can be the difference between knockout sales and listing obscurity.

But do you feel you lack the skills to come up with winning keywords? Do you want to see better data on what keyword phrases have the best chance of making you sales? Or maybe you want to easily find new ideas for making your designs using keywords that have a high opportunity for conversion?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then I have the program for you.

It’s called...SpotNiches.

How Does It Work?

For one low price each month, you receive access to a powerful tool that will help you spend less time on keyword research and more time on making designs, listing products, and all the other aspects of your business that will result in getting sales.

With SpotNiches, You Can...

  • Explore untapped, under-served niches much more quickly, by finding niches and sub-niches with the potential for higher sales and less competition
  • Save untold hours of “throwing spaghetti at the wall” by drilling down into the most profitable and rewarding niches
  • Discover the relevant keywords that people are actively and recently searching for and what they want to buy, in order to make easy sales
  • Search out the best keyword opportunities on Amazon, Etsy and eBay

Thousands of sales have been made on products listed using research with this tool.

Originally offered exclusively as a short-term bonus with my signature Jumpstart program, I had members begging me to allow them to continue to use this fantastic program because they got such value from it. And initially only Jumpstart members had access to the monthly membership when that was first opened.

Now, you can take advantage of SpotNiches for a low monthly price and make tremendous improvements in your keywords, your designs, your listings and - ultimately - your sales.

This tool is the absolute BEST complement to Low Hanging System - and it works for Amazon, Etsy, and eBay!

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$97 / Month

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Sign Up Now:
$97 / Month

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Having great keywords in your product title and finding niches that aren’t overcrowded can help boost your sales. That’s what SpotNiches gives you.

You already know that finding the right keywords and interpreting the search and sales data can be time-consuming and take two or three tools to get all the information you want - and now you can get everything in one tool that simply and easily shows you what keywords and niches are profitable.

The only problem is that we don’t want to overload the servers involved in these searches, so sign-ups can close at any time.

With love,
Rachel Rofe